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“Be The Image of Something Unknown”
A (somewhat unlikely)

The path to the present is rarely direct and the circuitous route by which Joe has traveled to arrive at his new life as an author is no exception…

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Film Critic

In 2009 Joe reviewed a movie. From there, he was recognized by Hollywood as an accredited film critic and attended hundreds of press screenings and junkets.


His respective editors then allowed him to review concerts and even cover local stories outside of the Arts & Entertainment beat…

P.S. He barely passed his college journalism course


In 2013, Joe was hired as a television writer for WWE. He ascended through the ranks writing/producing live weekly content for a product he always loved. As VP/Head Writer/Producer/co-showrunner, he made the decision in 2020 to pursue another passion, leaving his dream job behind…

BTW, He didn’t have any experience in TV/Film production


And here we are…Joe is playing with house money in trying to add to the storytelling career nobody saw coming by becoming a proud author…

Full Disclosure: He’s not a reader

In-person appearances. Happening now.

Joe enjoys meeting readers and speaking about the writing/creative process. Whether it’s book festivals, comic cons, or good old-fashioned libraries, here’s the places he attended on the inaugural book tour for DOMINATURE:

Meet Joe!

Summer 2023

Joe hangs out in all the annoying trendy places...


I wanted it to write this story in a way the reader can visualize this play out as if they were watching it on the screen.

Dominature - book1 - Hell Rise

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Dominature - book1 - Hell Rise

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